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full-length play

When RHEA lands a job interview for a high-paying position far from her boyfriend's high-rise in Detroit, it's not long before people from her past start crawling in the windows and doors begging her to see that what she wants is not waiting for her there.


  • Reading, 27th Letter Books, Detroit, MI (2023)

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[and for your last breath?]

ten-minute play

When two 20-somethings wake up one September morning to a red-orange sky outside their Berkeley apartment, they find themselves caught in a double-bind: with wildfires pushing them to evacuate while COVID forces them to stay in, they contemplate what it means to face the absurd, apocalyptic world together, when the simple act of breathing has become a fraught task.


  • Left Edge Theatre, Santa Rosa, CA (2022)

  • University of California Irvine, CA (2021)


  • Dragon Productions Theatre Company, Redwood City, CA (2021)


full-length play

After an assault, AMELIA is reminded that the laws of middle America are indifferent to her survival, so she must look toward those around her to build a way out.


  • Playfest, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (2020, scheduled)


  • Hopwood Award for Drama (2020)

  • Roy W. Cowden Memorial Fellowship (2020)


  • University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance Advanced Playwriting Seminar (2018-2020)

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one act play


When an American human rights researcher meets an Icelandic local in a geothermal hotspring, the two must decide whether to take a plunge: into the cold, the unknown, and the unlikely.


  • Blank Space Workshop, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (2018)

  • Theatre Unmasked, virtual (2020)

  • Dragon Productions Theatre Company, Redwood City, CA (2021)

[Playwriting for Peace]

In addition to playwriting, I co-founded Playwriting for Peace in Kosovo in 2019. 

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