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  • Authoritarian Politics (PS244A), Stanford University, Fall 2022.

  • Master’s Thesis in Latin American Studies (LATINAM398), Stanford University, Spring 2022

  • International Security (PS114S), Stanford University, Winter 2023.

  • The Politics of Climate Change (PS111), Stanford University, Fall 2022.

  • International Relations (PS101), Stanford University, Fall 2021.

  • Public International Law (PS364), University of Michigan, Winter 2020.

  • Ideas in Honors (HONORS 135), University of Michigan, Fall 2018.

  • Scandinavian Civilizations (SCAND 331), Special Lecturer, University of Michigan, Winter 2018.

  • Space and Place, Stanford Prison Education Program, San Bruno, Spring 2023.

  • Global Politics, Stanford Prison Education Program, San Bruno, Fall 2021.

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